What a day

It started out as most days, with Giselle in my bed. Berrett came and found us around 7. I normally look forward to Saturday’s because I finally have Raimo home with me, but that was not the case today. He went to the gym and then to fill the font for a baptism, then had to stay with the filled font per church policy, then conducted the baptism. Meanwhile, I was in charge of some crazy kids!

So I packed up bikes and kids and we drove to a nearby trail to get out. Finn stopped at least 10 times to look at something. He says the cutest things. Rose was diligent about staying on the right side of the path as I had asked her to to avoid speed bikers, and Finn is just so oblivious and scootered right in front of a few. It was nice and beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed my cute kids, and then we were super thirsty so we drove through McDonald’s afterward for waters and ice cream. Sounds simple, but all the steps leading up to this point so far were kind of exhausting– getting all of that gear in and out of the car and keeping everyone on task and happy. Motherhood is very physical work.

We had to park so I could feed Giselle. Then we got out and went to Target because I needed to replace some dishes that the kids broke. We also made a stop in the costume aisle.

I died over this. I bought it haha

My cute matching boys, and I captured Berrett’s curls, which are getting so long and shaggy 🙂

When we got home, I was exhausted and it was only 11:30! I was crashing hard. Berrett had fallen asleep in the car so I put him in bed, fed myself as a pick-me-up, fed Giselle and took a shower. I finally laid down for a bit, but Berrett woke up unfortunately so no nap for me. I turned on a show for the kids and kind of half dozed through the next few hours. Raimo finally came home, and I told him I wanted to hit Nordstrom to exchange my new Anastasia palette (I just got it in the mail and two of the shadows came all broken up). So we ALL got ready and went to the Escondido mall. Can I just say how much I love shopping? I LOVE SHOPPING! And I don’t get to do enough of it. Seriously, it lifted my spirits just walking through all those beautiful things in Nordstrom even without buying anything. I think I also get stir crazy and enjoy getting out where the people are! (Up where they walk, up where they run..up where they stay all day in the … wait). We went to the food court and got some overpriced, disappointing Japanese food. Then walked around the mall– it is absolutely huge. The older kids were grabbing things off shelves and we kinda had to keep reigning them in. After about an hour, Berrett was absolutely done with the stroller and started screaming so we had to leave. As we were walking to the car, we said how NOT fun it is to go to the mall with kids and that we would not be doing it again soon. It was then we discovered Rose had a 24 oz bag of chocolate chips in her purse that she was sneakily eating. What?!

Berrett screamed the whole way home. 25 minutes. Fun.

At home, we did baths and put all our many many children to bed. Found Rose reading scriptures in her bed–what a girl– and I went back for kisses on Berrett a few times because he wasn’t falling asleep. And Raimo and I finally had some time together. Happy weekend!

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