I think it’s pretty clear I spend a lot of my time at home thinking about my set-up here, and all I’d like to do with my house. I’m especially bothered by this wall:

I bought this peacock removable wallpaper from Target on a whim back in June or July. It took me this long to decide if I liked it and where to put it. After doing the first strip, I thought I might paper just that wall as an accent wall, possibly the rest of the room if I really loved it. Something I really love is that the specks of gold in the design are reflective and pick up the light in the evening around 4 or 5 pm. It’s really pretty. I’m not sure the design is total love, but I’m committed because I paid for it, and it is so much trouble to get that paper lined up just right. I’d say I worked on it a couple hours just for two panels. (My Anthropologie wallpaper I did upstairs, however, is true love and I’d use it again and again!) Anyway, here’s the kicker. I need at least 2 more rolls to finish the wall– so I went to Target for more, and it’s out of stock!!! And I checked online and it is totally sold out all over and unavailable! I was able to find one more roll on a random resale website, and it just arrived yesterday. So I have some thinking to do as to how to make this work! I think it would look nice to do a strip of dark teal paint down the middle, and to center the gold mirror in the middle of it, with the wallpaper panels on each side. However I’m not sure if I’ll really be happy with it. The more I think about it, I think that room would look really nice painted very very dark teal or navy. There isn’t much variation in our house– all the walls in our living space are connected and go up to the high ceiling, so everything is the same paint color. But I think that might be a nice accent, with the two gold mirrors against it. I’ve been shopping Target to see what might go with this idea/ how I could tie the wallpaper in.

First, I’m in love with this rug! It also ties in with the barstools in the kitchen, and would even look good under a table in the kitchen! It would also be nice under our couch–our current rug is white and gets so much traffic and dirt from our backyard, so something darker would work well. Plus it’s wool so it’d be easy to vacuum and hopefully it’d hold up well. (Our shag rug gets food and junk stuck in it all the tiiiime!) A real Persian rug will never happen, but these look-alikes are pretty darn nice.

These prints are pretty large and would look nice flanking either side of my kitchen hutch. We’d be going strong with the teal and mint combo, but it’d look nice with the rug and tie things in. It also would be nice over the couch. I’ve been looking for some large- scale art because that living room wall is sooo tall and wide. It’d be nice to have a big statement there.

We’ve never had a coffee table. I’ve been so indecisive about it since we moved here and bought the sectional. A round shape makes sense to break up all the rectangles going on with our angular couch (it has 2 chaises). And this one kind of matches my lamp, is pretty and not too heavy-feeling, and isn’t too precious for match cars and toddler feet.

A few pillows I loved. The top one would be perfect on each end of the couch because they’re quite big- 24 inches. And they would tie in a bunch of different colors. Sadly it’s out of stock!!!

This also went into my cart because it’s pink and can sort of pull from the pink in the wallpaper–? Could be put slightly under the coffee table, or as a footrest with a navy or light pink chair.

I also came across this rug

I am never ever drawn to red. It is just not a calming or happy color to me and don’t really use it in my house, but a red Persian style rug has something warm and classic about it and I think it’s look good in our master bedroom. I once saw one layered on top of a striped rug like this, with about 6 or 8 inches of the bottom rug showing all around the red one.

Genevieve Gorder did this layering thing on a show years ago, and Ill never forgot how chic and cozy it looked. The rest of the room had a lot of white in it, and so does our bedroom. It’d bring some interest to the room. Speaking of which, I don’t mind the paint color of our room (it’s a grey-white, just a few shades away from the white trim and ceiling) but it just looks like it needs a fresh coat. And I would also love to do something cool with trim on the walls. And we could also use some fresh blinds (or Roman shades!) and 3 long curtain panels for each window.

I loved this cute pillow. I think 2 of these on our bed would be so pretty, and there’s a pop of blue in the rug… not sure if it would match though 😦

I also came across this picture on Pinterest, and saved it for the leather ottoman. I have no idea where I’d find something like that, but our couch is just this style and the ottoman just goes with that cozy, casual feel. It’d be good for kids to climb all over and for propping up feet in the middle. Here are a few other rugs I’m liking. They have a different color -way and vibe. I’m really hoping for something in the blue family for our family room rug, if you can’t tell. I just think it’ll match so many things.

This World Market chandelier is kind of a knock off of the expensive Pottery Barn wood bead chandelier.

It would look pretty hung all the way from the high ceiling down over our family room, maybe with two of these on either side of some artwork on the big wall.

Also, I fell in love with this wallpaper.

Like, more true love. There’s a little section of ceiling in our kitchen that goes up to the arched window… I think it’d be cute on the ceiling. Also, keeping with all the blue and mint. There’s also a version with yellow birds that I love too. I would definitely need to paint over the chalk wall… I have kind of been wanting to because it always looks so messy, plus black doesn’t make me happy. I think white shiplap all around it would look nice and draw the eye up to the paper on the ceiling.

More finds

These gorgeous Anthropologie mirrors for over Giselle’s crib!

I also love this butterfly print. I think it’d be cute over the fireplace, or in the girls room, or part of a gallery wall. I just discovered Sugarboo, and I’m into it! Lots of great artwork and quotes for the wall.

I love a colorful gallery wall! (And a bone inlaid dresser underneath wouldn’t hurt).

Obviously I love color. I think I’m still figuring out my decor style, but it’s becoming clear that mixing color really makes me happy. I like eclectic, global, glamorous, with a little bit of traditional mixed in. Kind of like this chair!

Still, every time I see a house that’s full-on coastal, I sigh a dreamy sigh because I love it. Love all the cool blues, greens and whites. But I can’t commit to it for my whole house. Plus I absolutely cannot have so much white in my house with kids! But maybe in my dreams. I love every room, every detail, in this woman’s house. Whenever it comes up in my Instagram, it makes me envious!

Coastal with mint, blue, and pops of pink, palest blue walls and lots of girly touches! Haha!

I would paint our main living space all white instead of the “greige” that it currently is, but I’d need scaffolding 😦

I also love this woman’s house- all her designs are so creative, colorful, and full of whimsy

It inspires me to mix and match

So that’s where I’m at today. Also with two babies in arms

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