More on Giselle Juliette

As I mentioned in this post I have some songs that I would sing for each of my newborns. Maybe I am just too far removed from singing these days, but Giselle doesn’t really have a song. I need to sing to her more! I am binge watching Nashville, in which the main character is named Juliette, and I’m loving the name! Did we make the right name choice?! I mean, should we have saved her middle name, Juliette, for a future baby girl?!? I still love Giselle for my baby–I think it fits her!

She fits in the crook of my knee.

Little Elle hit her due date on Monday, August 6th. She is 2 1/2 weeks old, and still sleepy, but starting to wake up now and again. I love that she naps all the time–it is so easy, and one can only dream that we have finally had a child that will happily sleep on her own…

I’m not holding my breath.

Lately I’ve been noticing that my hands always smell amazing- like milk and babies. Seriously, it is so good. Giselle has such a good smell, particularly her hair! She has the silkiest short brown hair and I looove rubbing it. Will we have a non-blonde child??? We shall see! She also has long spider fingers, and she’s always doing things with them, curling them up by her face or opening and spreading them across her face.

We still delight in the funny ways she can wiggle her long toes. Hers are the longest of our children by far, and it is a moment of pride for Raimo that they’ve inherited the long toes 😂 Oh and the dimples! She has darling dimples that come through when she smiles! I die over them!

Rose is so funny– one day soon after bringing the baby home, I asked her if she wanted to help change the baby’s diaper and she totally freaked out! Like ran out of the room. Tonight I asked her again, and she didn’t want to even be present! I think it’s so funny, and we keep telling her that newborn poo is really no big deal. Otherwise, she is a highly devoted big sister, but that devotion has limits apparently! She is still always asking to hold The baby.

Baby’s knees are SO far apart– she’s a little cowgirl. I can still fold her leggies across each other and her little feet bend right into womb position. I’ll try to capture it in a pic. But I can totally see how she was folded up inside of me. The amazing thing is looking at her head (thought it’s really not that big) and knowing it was sitting in my pelvis, upside down for about 8 weeks… i definitely felt that weight and pressure, especially this time (maybe it’s increasingly lower the more babies you have?)

Fort builders:

Post nap

Pics on her due date:


The wallpaper I’m planning to put up soon– love this peachy wall color to match and still need to go paint shopping, and finish some projects in the girls’ room. Today I made Raimo buy a 2×4 at Home Depot and we got it cut to fit inside this really weird window that has an arch. The blinds I bought will be attached to the bottom of the 2×4 and an arch window covering will sit on top of it. We sanded and painted, and are hanging hardware… just tedious stuff. But it’ll be nice to have new cordless blinds that are clean and new and safe. All our house’s blind have extremely long cords and it’s really challenging keeping them out of reach of kids.

Sunday meeting her BFF Gwen

That’s all for now, folks!

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