In dreams

What are you dreaming about, little one? Your eyelids are fluttering, you smile occasionally, sometimes you breathe a little more quickly. But can you have any thoughts at this point? Do you know anything other than “milk” and the comfort that is mother’s voice? You startle so easily in your sleep. It’s incredible how you can sleep through the noise of your siblings and our hectic household, yet I bump a pillow a few inches away from you and your arms fly into the air. Dainty as the princess and the pea–you feel everything? I love your sleepy days and honestly dread the possibility of you waking from this coma and going into constant crying mode, as many newborns do. You are too perfect, too easy! Let’s keep it this way as long as we can! It’s unfair really because right now, of all time with babies, is the best time to take you out because you’re so easy. Trips to the grocery, movies, nail salon, you name it… are all so easy because you’re ASLEEP! And as soon as I start to feel well again postpartum, you will be crying! Okay I’m only half-serious. I do want you to wake up so we can get to know you even better. You wake up for little brief periods of time, and I try to bring my face in close so you can see me and start to know ME. Yep, it’s me. The one that gets up with you all night long, that speaks to you when you’re sleeping, that totes you happily all around the house like a trophy. I won this. I made this! Look how great she is! These are days that I spend wondering who you will become. You have already surpassed my wildest dreams, so really where can you go wrong? I already love you so much💗



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