Blessing Dress

I had a hard time finding any kind of blessing/christening gown for baby Giselle in stores or even online. It must not be as big of a deal as it used to be. However I came across one website that had the most stunning handmade gowns! They are pretty pricey and out of the budget, but so beautiful!

I love the pink underlay with this gorgeous long lace. The short version is still pretty stunning. And a flower crown would be so cute!

Another sweet one- this one has a vintage feel and is just so pretty. I maybe even like it better– tough choice between the two. I think it would suit Giselle 💕

And another all lace and my third favorite. I love how they all have matching accessories, bonnets and booties and headbands. I definitely choose bonnet for this special occasion 🙂 Wish me luck in my shopping journey!

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