A little recap in photos

Rose’s recital was quite the show- check out all the costumes. She was in 5 numbers and says her hip hop was her favorite. The daddy daughter was very special and they made a memory. Plus they spent every Friday evening together for months practicingOur 10 year anniversary passed without fanfare on June 7th. But a few weeks later we celebrated with a staycation and did some serious relaxing and eating. We went to Red Robin for burgers and fries, saw Jurassic World, then went home for a nap at 6 pm. That night we went to Oceanside beach, then went home and went to bed.The next day we went to Sea Hive market to shop and to brunch at the Daily News Cafe, which I’ve been meaning to try since we moved here over 5 years ago. It was yummy but mostly nice to be out on a beautiful morning eating a peaceful meal.We also put our new crib together that night. I love it! Here’s a room I think is cuteThat very weekend we spent all Saturday morning cleaning and getting things done. In the late afternoon we hit Carlsbad beach and it was beautiful. We also stayed for dinner at Harbor Beach Cafe and got fried zucchini and fish n chips. It was one of those perfect happy summer evenings. It was a nice cap to anniversary celebrations, making a memory with our whole family.On July 3 we went to the veterans concert in the park. It was a nice night, and the next day we spent swimming with familyAlso we set Berrett free in the pool! He was swimming all over the place and would have happily stayed all day! It was adorable! 22 months oldHappy early birthday to Rose!

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