Some pics

Still my baby even in his big boy clothes!!!

Any time we try to get a decent picture…

My baby walking! He’s a little zombie!

My baby some more in his own little chair!

We had a fun weekend hosting Parker and Jessica and Andrew–we hit the beach, ate out stayed up and talked, and had some fun

This fall I got really motivated to clean out and reorganize a bunch of stuff. Still so much to do!

Curls! And daddy’s sailor suit

Love sending off and picking up this girl every day– I think this was 9/11

Next, we went beach camping!

Finn has grown up so much, started preschool and now soccer! He enjoys both!

Seriously, how cute is he??? 😍

Green Popsicle, no surprise. And here he is with his best friend Myles

Yesterday was Wednesday so we had no aftschool activities

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