Utah trip

Last month I realized our family has not gone on a trip all year long– basically since Berrett was born. I took it easy all year and just stayed home wth the little kids. We did go on one two-day trip to Utah in March and it was just way too much driving and not enough time, so we decided to go back over Labor Day. We left on Wednesday night and came home on Tuesday. We were able to visit a lot of people and have some fun seeing a lot of familiar places. Our first night of driving was actually really horrible. We weren’t able to leave till 5, so we had traffic. We stopped in Riverside for dinner and to get the kids ready for bed, then continued on a little before 8. They each slept, but they also each kept waking up one at a time and crying. They never sleep comfortably in the car. We pushed on through this exciting lightning storm in Vegas.

​We ​pulled into Mesquite after 1 am and were exhausted. We stayed in a hotel, and Berrett’s sleep was all messed up by then and he woke up a ton that night. The next morning we hit up our complimentary breakfast and got out of there around 9 or 10. We were so tired- I requested a dirty Dr Pepper from Swig with cookies. The next stretch of drive was much better and more scenic and the kids were able to nap. We still took plenty of breaks. I was smart this trio and packed their scooters in the trunk so they were able to get out and ride around. Oh I also forgot to mention that the day we left Finn had a fever and was acting very lethargic and even fell asleep on the living room floor in the middle of the day. I was suspecting he’d throw up on the drive, but he never did. He just sat there holding a motorcycle looking out the window. Heartbreaking! 

We pulled into Provo and I was hit with the big wave of nostalgia. We had dinner at Bombay House. It did not disappoint! It was so delicious! Then we walked around the Provo City Temple. It’s amazing!

I thought it was so neat that the “Holiness to the Lord” was in a stained glass window!

We also drove around BYU and again, couldn’t believe how much had changed. It felt like coming home.

We hung out with Raimo’s parents every night. We went to the zoo on Friday

It was a fun day, but also really hot. The boys were also really tired and grouchy from traveling.

On Saturday we met Brendan and Jamie for breakfast at Kneaders and met their baby! After we went to BYU and walked around. Berrett totally loved this biking backpack!!! He took a nap in it.

It’s weird that iPhones weren’t a thing yet when we were in college, so we don’t have a ton of photos of that time around campus. This trip however is highly documented!

It’s was another hot day and the kids wore out quickly with all the action. We drove up to Highland and they all took a nap. They played at the park with Ana Maria and Ryan’s kids then we went to dinner. We all had a blast– so fun that our kids are all the same ages and we’ve been able to stay in contact even after moving away!

On Sunday we went to church and also took a drive through Big CootonwoodCanyo

On Monday morning we met up with Melanie and Dan and her kids at the kids museum. It was great to see her and meet the twins! Afterward we went to City Creek and Temple Square! Another hot day!


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