Back to School Feast

We had our Back to School Feast tonight. We missed last year because I was in the hospital with Berrett! Rose started school the next day and we never got around to it because everything was just so challenging at that time!!! If there was any theme last year, it might have been “Laitinen Power!” because we had an FHE once where we created a family motto. As of Sunday, the 13th, we’ve been in this house a year! Tonight it felt like home. 

Rose set the table. We had rotisserie chicken, rosemary roasted fingerling potatoes, and veggies and hummus. 

We decided upon Love at Home for our theme this year. I am excited to focus on strengthening our family relationships and teaching the kids how we show love for our family members.

After dinner, Raimo gave both Rose and Finn a father’s blessing. It was Finn’s first time, and he was very very cute squeezing his eyes shut, his legs extending straight off the edge of the chair with one foot on top of the other, toes curled over. His arms were folded tightly with hands grabbing each elbow. He looked so sincere, trying to keep his eyes shut, especially since he had just been whining/crying/coming down from something. Part way through the blessing he opened his eyes and smiled big and waved at me. Finn’s smile is SO big and dimpled and contagious. And at times mischievous! We went to Target today and got Rose an outfit for the first day of school, and of course ended up with way more outfits. And Finn got new shoes and him first backpack- Lightning McQueen! He is so excited! Rose seems pretty calm about school despite the fact that it’s a new school and that it’s going to be longer. She seems a little concerned about it going all day… but I think she’s confident enough because she had a great year of Kindergarten to prep her. 

I can’t believe it, but tomorrow is Berrett’s first birthday!

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