Today is our anniversary!! I always look forward to special days like this, even though they are becoming more and more low-key each year. Yesterday I was thinking about our anniversary, and how I was the epitome of “mom” in my oversized chambray shirt and leggings, with all these kids around me (where did they all come from?!?) 

It was a busy day. I cleaned up the house all morning, did dishes and vacuumed the rug and stairs, folded some laundry. I was in my pajamas till noon. Raimo brought Rose home from school and we dropped my car at the shop because the brakes have been making this noise that was worrying me. Raimo had to come back and give us a ride to swim lessons at 4:10. Finn fell asleep for once, about 20 minutes before we had to leave, so he was in a mood for his first ever swim lesson, and cried and cried for mom the whole time. It was also cloudy and cold so the kids were freezing. Rose was surprisingly much more willing to try compared to the first time we tried swim lessons (she still won’t get in the water and swim, much less let water touch her face or ears or eyes). So it was a big breakthrough when she voluntarily put her head underwater, and did an alligator clap away from the wall to her teacher. Finn was mostly crying, but I’m hopeful it will get better if we continue! From the YMCA we headed straight to the dance studio for dance pictures, but halfway there I realized we had the wrong day, so we went back home. Raimo had to take off to the temple with his friend Anders, and I was left to feed and put kids to bed. We had Nutella and peanut butter toast and cocoa, and had the usual bedtime routine. Then I stayed up way too late putting things together for my upcoming LipSense Launch party. Raimo said, “Happy early anniversary” as we were falling asleep. This morning began with the usual grumbling about which of us got up in the middle of the night with kids vs who should get up in the morning. Rose and Raimo got off by 7:30 am (only 9 more days of this commuting to school nonsense) and Finn and I toddled around and I made some headway on the laundry. I took out the trash cans and cleaned up some junk in the garage. You can’t tell, but I’ve actually been cleaning up the house all morning. It’s still kind of a wreck. I talked to Raimo on the phone and my car was supposed to be done this morning and they still hadn’t even evaluated it yet. He called again later and it was going to be a $600 repair and not ready till tonight. Great! Finn was feeling a little warm last night and this morning. Today he kept asking me to hold him and said he was cold and wanted a blanket. So I tucked him in a blanket on the couch. I was still putting sheets on the kids’ beds upstairs and found him asleep sitting on the couch. This never happens. The baby woke up from his nap, and shortly after Finn started crying and I just knew. My COUCH! He threw up on my brand new couch 😦 I feel bad for him. And also for me! So there I was cleaning up some very chunky throw up off the couch, getting Finn into the tub, with the baby crying all the while because I set him down and he fell over and was being sensitive about it. All is well– the kids are both watching movies in separate rooms, Berrett has been fed and is playing on the floor, and I’ve still got my mountain of laundry to work through. At 3:20 and 5 we have dance pictures for Rose, and at some point I’ve got to get to the grocery store because we’re fresh out of everything! We’ll see if I get the car back! I’m also feeling a bit queasy because you know… I’m grossed out. It’s funny how yesterday I already knew this was how our anniversary was going to go. Just nuts. Adulting. I tried to make a plan for us to have a staycation at some point but we are just too busy. The good news is, I’m laughing at all of it. I am genuinely happy to be celebrating 9 years with Raimo today. I met him when I was just 19 years old. It is becoming difficult for me to remember life without him. He is my knight, my advocate, my helper, my best friend, the best father to our children, and the hardest worker in career and church. The last few weeks have been scheduled so full with mission stuff and Relief Society and our family life, and it’s only going to get more busy as the kids get older. I had no idea! It’s challenging to have so many things going on all the time and to still keep up house and find family time, much less time as a couple. I was going to try to make a picnic dinner for all of us to take to the beach tonight, but it’s going to have to wait! We also promised ice skating to the kids for filling their marble jar. That too will have to wait!

I’m happy with the life we’ve created. I get a lot of satisfaction from making our house a home and doing things for our family. It’s starting to feel like everything has a place and it’s cozy and comfortable. Life is good!

I love remembering our fairytale day 💗

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