I have been weeding a lot in the yard over the past month. We had so much rain this winter… so much so that Governor Brown can’t call this a drought anymore. Literally, the drought is proclaimed over. Unfortunately the weeds took over. While I’m pulling them out, I have plenty of time to think of all the metaphors that go with it. There are some that grow in one place, and it takes one good yank to remove them. There are some that spread across the ground like vines and have roots springing up in multiple places just a foot apart, with all the branches thickly woven together and with little spikey seeds growing on them. I kept thinking how much easier it would have been to remove these if I had caught the weeds earlier on when they were smaller and not so entangled. I didn’t notice them because they blended in really well with the green flower bushes we have on our hill. But upon closer inspection, these weed vines were actually growing around and over our flowers and even over a small orange tree, strangling the plants we were trying to grow. I had to wear gloves and roll the weed vines away from me and pause every few moments to hack away at a root system with a sharp hand shovel before I could keep rolling them away. I was thinking this is just the way Satan works in people’s hearts sometimes. There are some weeds or evil things that are obvious and take one good yank to remove them. But the weeds that overwhelm and squelch everything in their path are a different kind: A few weeds go unnoticed, maybe a bad thought or a sin or a doubt, and Satan takes hold and spreads under the surface, reappearing in new places. They spring up and are covered with bad, thorny seeds. Their roots are strong and wide. You have to catch them early, and work work work to keep them from taking over all your good ground. I have covered a lot of ground in the removal process, and still have so much more to do. And as I’ve been working, more weeds are springing up. 

Anyway this is just my thought. 

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