Mom life

Today I trimmed all three kids’ nails. And painted mine and Rose’s and put little cute nail stickers on hers. And I cleaned out Berrett’s closet, put the 3 month clothes away and pulled out some of the bigger stuff like 6-9 month. I cleaned up every toy in the baby’s room (which houses ALL the toys of our house). I made my bed. I showered and got ready. I made food for various people all day long. I made turkey burgers for dinner with veggies and dip. I drove a half hour to pick up Rose and a half hour back. I took the kids in the front yard twice. I broke up way too many fights between Rose and Finn. I yelled at Rose and Finn for being disobedient and mean to me and mean to each other. I threw a cup. I put the baby down for two naps. I taught a piano lesson and a voice lesson. I tried to put Finn down for a nap unsuccessfully. I swept up and did all of today’s dishes. I cleaned up all the toys downstairs. I ate too many secret snacks out of the pantry throughout the day. I finished the laundry I started on Tuesday and it finally got put away at 8:30 pm. I got the mail. I signed up Rose for 1st grade in a new school. I signed up Finn for preschool. I responded to texts about Relief Society stuff. I checked Facebook. I checked Instagram. I wished to buy house stuff. I felt annoyed about the abundance of weeds in the backyard. I felt bad about not working out today. I thought about the family photobooks I want to finally finish and print. I thought of the kids journals I want to write in. I thought of the scriptures I didn’t read. Rose got excited about Family Night because we can sing songs and learn about Jesus and watch Duck Tales. We held Family Night since we missed it Monday, and talked about family scripture study. Rose cuddled by me the whole time and gave a lovely closing prayer. Finn did not hear one word of Family Night. Rose read me two books. It is 9 o’clock and the baby is still awake. I do not have my pajamas on yet. Raimo and I were going to work on the weeds after dark again, but probably won’t get to it. Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. I’d like to stay home, but we have two parties and a date scheduled. I’m sure it will be fun.

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