Mini update (written on Halloween)

Finn and Rose are playing in the backyard and have been for over an hour! Amazing! It gives me hope. 

Another episode of Poopscapades: Finn went number 2 in the toilet twice this week after I promised a monster truck. We made a special trip to Toys R Us and even though I was prepared to buy a large monster truck, Finn picked out a smallish one and totally loves it. Rose also got to pick something because she has not been wearing pull-ups at night anymore and has been giving us less grief about going number 2 more regularly. Really, these are life-changing things! She picked out a set with a phone, keys, purse, and jewelry. She has been wearing it constantly.

Last night Rose said the family prayer, part of which was: “and thanks that Jesus lets us come to earth. And the earth is spinning around the sun. And there’s a dark side and light side. And it’s turning around and around and that’s why sometimes it’s dark and sometimes it’s light. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.”

Me: did you learn about the earth at school?

Rose: no on Storybots. Yeah and French fries are potatoes! And there is not just one color in the sky/ all the colors are in the sky. And you have to brush your teeth really good cuz the sugar bugs will get in your tooth and eat it and then you’ll lost a tooth cuz they’re gonna eat it.


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