Laitinens do Palm Desert

Last year we had the chance to tag along with Raimo to a conference in Palm Desert. Rose was 4 and Finn was 18 months. I wrote about it in this post. It was such a highlight in Rose’s little life- she has often asked us if we can go on another vacation to Palm Desert! 

Well her wish came true and we got to go to another conference this year!

Here we are sitting poolside our first evening. Rose has fun playing in the pool with a little boy and girl and their dad. It was a nice temperature around 5 pm, as opposed to the 100s during the day.

Berrett was not a star napper on this trip, but, as you can see, he was still flashing smiles at me so all is forgiven. 

We waited around for Raimo to be done, then got some Blaze pizza for dinner. Berrett cried very hard on the drive because he was so tired, so I got to breastfeed while eating my art lover pizza. The kids were beat, and fell asleep around 9. Finn slept in the couch bed with Rose. Normally he sleeps in a pack n play but I just kind of forgot/ didn’t stress about it. 

He did just fine, but I am not moving him out of his crib at home any time soon even though he’s 2 1/2. He sleeps so well and naps so well so I’m not messing with that! Raimo and I each got our own bed (I think Raimo was more excited than me) and we brought the top half of the bassinet for the baby and set it on the coffee table.

Berrett woke up at 4 am to eat, then basically was up for the day. Raimo left for work and Finn slept in a little bit while Rose and I cuddled with the baby. We got ready for the pool and stopped by the conference center for breakfast. Rose swam a lot at the pool and Finn mostly played with his Finn McMissile and Holly Shiftwell (sp?) cars– they never leave his hands these days and I’m glad we didn’t lose them. We went back to the room and I bathed the kids. We watched tv, painted nails (Finn wanted in on the action too) and ate the snacks I’d packed. Raimo got off work at 1 pm and we headed to the movies. 

So I had never been to a Cinaplex before and I couldn’t figure out wh they would charge for a 2-year-old, why it was so expensive, and why she suggested our kids share a seat. It looks like this:

Ooohhhh. Wow that really was the most comfortable movie experience ever. Our whole family actually fit on 2 seats even though we paid for 3. It made for a fun experience plus it was easy to feed the baby. We saw Storks and it was really cute. I was dozing a lot throughout because it was comfortable and Finn is a little comfy hot waterbottle. We ate at Cheesecake Factory again for dinner like last year, and the kids were so wrecked and just needed to go to bed. My highlight was the complimentary brown bread and my sweet potato fries. Rose and Finn shared a pizza and she ate 5 slices. Girl does not mess around!!! I was so full I felt sick- we don’t eat such rich food usually. We still got some salted caramel cheesecake to go. Rose requested 2 things: that we go to the make-up store and clothes store. I shrugged at Raimo and said, “She asked the right person.” So we went to MAC and tried on lipstick. Rose went for this ice blue shade (doesn’t it bring out her eyes?? 😜) and I tried lip gloss in Lychee Luxe. 

That night we were all in bed by 9:30. The kids had trouble winding down, and Rose even came to me tearfully saying she missed our home and Mrs. Berning. It warmed my heart to know she loves her teacher!

When your kids fit in hand towels…

Little man! Berrett woke up at 1:30 and 6 last night so I felt pretty rested. We had breakfast and we checked out. We drove back to Oceanside the back way instead of taking the freeway. It was winding and scenic and we enjoyed it. Till next time!

And some naked baby pics

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