“Second” first blog post

So it says here that this is my first blog post, but it is actually my “second” first blog post!  (Just changed blog domains.)

I have been blogging for about 8 years now–I started shortly after Raimo and I got married in 2008! Wow! You can read that first post here. Life has certainly changed a lot since then, when we were just starting out and eating our meals on the floor of our first apartment (it was 400 square feet). I was just 21, starting my junior year and Raimo was 22, starting sophomore year. 

Oh my goodness, that mess looks familiar. Only this time, the move included probably 50 times that amount of STUFF, and it was absolutely overwhelming how much our STUFF took over the place. Moving is the worst, isn’t it? Especially when you’re 38 weeks pregnant!!! (Read all about it here)

Flash forward, now we have 3 children and just moved into our first house! Phew! And, ironically, just like I mentioned in that first post, I have been singing this little rhyme in my head lately:

I love my house, I love my nest. In all the world my nest is best!

While there have been many apartments for me to make a home, there is something special about our first house.

 This picture really sums it up 😁 I’m excited for this next chapter of life. And just for fun, a few more of those early posts!

The “Y” Goers We look so young! Raimo’s hair was so long! We heart BYU!

Countdown See some pics of us at a ballroom competition. Those days seem so long ago, and yet such a big part of our life together!

Paper Cutter Wow- still don’t have that paper cutter OR craft room! These are what dreams are made of, right?!? hahaha! Well at least I still have something to look forward to, right?? Love reading about the good old college days–such a focus on classes and all things music and ballroom! (We still have that scooter in the garage. And Raimo DID win the TV- it’s huge and we have used it all these years. We finally have a space big enough that it actually makes sense.) What happy, lovebird days those were, our first autumn and Christmas together…. sigh πŸ™‚

I love this time of year. The autumn leaves, followed by that silent snow are a couple of the best things about living in Utah. Just beautiful! It makes me really nostalgic for all things fall and Christmas. Meanwhile, we are having a heatwave here in California! It’s 95 degrees, and supposed to hit 100 in the next hour. Yikes!

(My boys- heart eyes! Finn makes that side smile a lot these days- he has the most expressive face when he talks!) A week ago it was raining for a few days and I was making chili and pumpkin muffins. Today the air conditioning is running full blast. I could write an ode to air conditioning–I spent so much time without it, I’ll be forever appreciative now that we have it again.


Baby is crying. More later!


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