Dear Berrett

3 weeks out. You still have lots of wrinkly soft skin and smell so great: my other babies seemed to be more strong than this- you don’t hold up your head at all. You really do that newborn thing, curling up your body. I love it! I remember Rose was straight as a board when we’d lay her down on the rug, and she was holding her own head right away. This little guy loves to sleep and snuggle!!! I love it. You have just started to wake up a bit and sleep less easily/frequently. Your eyes were closed most of the time in the hospital and it was always such a treat when you’d open them and give me a glimpse of the little person inside. You are seriously Sooo soft- such wonderful fuzz on the shoulders, and your skin is just so silky. I get so busy taking care of 3 kids that I feel like I don’t get enough time drinking in this newborn phase. It is my VERY favorite! We sure get quality time in the middle of the night, but that is less special and more about me forgiving you for making me even more of a zombie. When you breastfeed, you cross your top leg over the bottom one, and you rest your hand on me while you fall asleep. You are a lazy eater- always sleeping!  I love your sweet tiny ears and love nibbling them whenever I can. I’m also in love with your darling nose. It is not squishy at all! It’s a straight, solid little man nose! Your hair is so beautiful and perfect! You’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. Your siblings both think you are SO cute and tell you so all the time. Both Rose and Finn love to touch you and kiss you and rub your hair. They know innately what I know too… How special you are and how close to heaven you are. Bringing a new baby into our home brings us all together in an interesting way. Even though we have a lot of chaos and not as much time to spend with our other children, somehow it is a unifying and boding experience. It is so worth it! I didn’t get to snuggle you and pore over you for the first few days of your life because things didn’t go to plan. In the hospital you were hooked up to so many monitors and cords and a huge IV strapped to your tiny hand. I feel like we have been making up for lost time. In between all the busyness going on in our family, I find time to just savor your newness and sweetness. I love you, my baby, with all my heart! 

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