Easter week

Easter always sneaks up on me, but this year I planned to celebrate Holy Week, or Easter Week and to put more focus on Christ. On Sunday we read some verses about Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. I showed the kids a video of Jesus riding in on a donkey. Then we made palm branches by tracing the kids hands on green paper and attaching them to sticks. I had the kids wave them and Rose seemed to understand that fanning someone is something you do for a special person. 

On Monday night we read some verses about Jesus going to the temple and throwing out the money changers. We talked about why the temple is a special house for God, and drew pictures of our favorite temples.
Don’t you love Rose’s Salt Lake Temple? (The one by Mimi’s house).
On Tuesday we dropped the ball because I had work, but I took the kids in the hot tub when I got home so … Fun mom points. Wednesday we had more time so we did a special Jerusalem dinner with pita bread and hummus, turkey, olives, grapes and cheese. We lit candles and ate picnic style in the family room- the children were so excited about this part, and ate mostly pita bread and grapes. They were very cute. While we ate we watched a video of Christ washing the feet of his apostles and the last supper, and then of Gethsemane. Then Raimo and I washed the kids little feet. The first time we did this, Finn was a newborn and Rose was just 2 years old, and it was so poignant and amazing and both of us cried out eyes out at this simple service of love for our tiny children. Doing it again this year made both of us cry again. The kids were a little older and looking at us with wonder. Rose said to me, “You’re like Jesus!” And I said, “No, I’m your mom” 🙂 And Finn said, “That tickles!” It only took a few minutes, but it is something I’ll remember always. Later we had the kids dye Eater eggs.

Thursday I had work and a baby shower so I was not home, but on Friday we watched lots of videos about Christ’s atonement, crucifixion, and the resurrection. The videos kept their interest for quite a while. Afterward, I showed them some items I’d collected from the front yard and they had to identify them (they were miniature). A cross of sticks, palm leaves, crown of thorns, a stone that rolled away from the tomb, and a flower to represent new life. The sharing time in Sunday had a similar activity, but she put the items in Easter eggs, and left one egg empty to represent “He is not there.” 
Saturday was a busy day. Rose had ballet in the morning, and we had the ward egg hunt and lunch from 11-1. 

Finn was so into the egg hunt this year- he was so cute. Rose got plenty of eggs too-she still wanted me to be close by.
Then I had to run errands all afternoon, buying jumper cables for my car, groceries, Easter treats, etc.
Easter morning was exhausting. I only slept like two hours the night before because Finn woke me up and I couldn’t go back to sleep. But the kids were super excited to find the Easter bunny had come and left eggs and baskets of treats. Also, the bunny left a third basket for their new baby BROTHER! 

We just found out we are having a boy. Rose was set on a baby sister for the first part of my pregnancy, but a few weeks ago she started saying she wanted a brother. Crisis averted. She must have intuition.

Rose was very excited about the new fancy high heeled shoes the Easter bunny brought. She was also finally old enough to wear this smocked green dress that I’ve had in the closet for 4 years.

 My parents had us for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Finn was just eating all the candy in each egg as he went. They were both really excited about it

I never want her to grow up

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