Halloween 2015

Raimo was in charge of getting the kids dressed for the truck-or-treat because I had to teach my piano classes till 6:30.

Our ward trunk-or-treat was on Tuesday. We had chili as usual, and I actually made some chili to contribute this year. It was a fun night.

On Friday Rose had her Halloween parade at preschool. It was darling.

We spent Halloween day at the beach because it was 80 degrees outside! Then we had nap and dinner and got ready for our night on the town!

Raimo wasn’t really able to open his mouth much because he had just had a root canal with a bone graft (!?) on Thursday. He had a root canal on the same tooth right before Halloween 4 years ago :

See how his face is not smiling? haha

Only this year the non smiling made sense

Halloween is so much more fun with kids!

I loved dressing up as a family! I always hated the pressure of Halloween and costumes, so I’m glad we just went for it this year. Rose was really excited that her whole family was a bat family. She was the most glamorous little batgirl!

I love this so much

We met up with the Tanners and trick-or-treated down Coast Highway in Encinitas. All the shops were handing out candy and there was a big display of intricate Jack-o-lanterns at the end.

Batman Ben and batgirl

I love this little profile

This was the queen of Halloween, and she granted each of us a wish

Gotham is safe

Then we had some Baked Bear afterward. More sugar!

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