Life as of today

Finn runs. It is the cutest little run. He leans into it with his belly as he goes. And puts one arm behind sometimes like a rudder for steering! haha! He took a 3.5 hour nap today. What a lover boy!!! So dreamy. And he is talking so much more… a lot of sounds and made up kind of things… along with the token “car, truck, mama, etc.” Today we watched a garbage truck at Poinsettia Park. It was mesmerizing! Finn was pointing and just in complete awe. I have him seating forwards as of this week in the car and he spent the whole first day just pointing and pointing at trucks and cars out the window. He smells amazing. I love one-year-olds so much! He loves to read his train book, and he will often sit and let me read little baby books to him and he turns the pages (impatiently!) He still snuggles when he is tired enough. And he dances- a little rock side to side or sometimes just kind of bouncing by bending the knees.

Rose asks me if she can sit on my lap. She still wants to be my baby (a little bit). I love doing little activities with her like puzzles or practicing letters or building blocks. I love to see her mind at work. She often looks up at me with those cornflower blue eyes of hers, and her face is just so pure and full of wonder. It happened this morning at breakfast and it just stopped me in my tracks and made me resolve to look at her more and have a conversation with her. She always wants cereal for breakfast. And bread for lunch. She likes white foods. We had a big battle over dinner. She lost her bike and a couple of special toys tomorrow– she’s been getting really mean about even sitting with us at dinner, not to mention about eating anything other than crackers. She has always been so strong willed. But children forgive easily, and before long she was performing songs for us on her sheepskin run. And when I kissed her goodnight I said, “I love you, Rose” and she said, “I love you, Mom” and I said, “I love you more than the whole world.” I love the last moments of putting them in bed. They are so easy to put to sleep these days and I’m cherishing it because I know what it’s like when it’s not easy!!! They go to bed at 8 and sleep till either 6 or 7 ish. So much better than 5 am with Finn!!!

It was a slow mom Monday. I feel really tired. We walked the Carlsbad strand and the kids got to run on the grass. The afternoon was just slow. And we went to the park to pass some time. It was a boring day. But as always, some moments were extraordinary.

Footloose closed last night. I don’t have tons of photos, but here are a few. It was a little bit of a relief to be done, and I don’t always feel that way. I am hoping something else comes along soon


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