Rose’s 4th Birthday

As always, I had some tears in my eyes as I tucked Rose into bed the night before her birthday. She has grown so much and changed so much, she has the most expressive face and says the most inquisitive, interesting things

Here she is celebrating at the Contreras house the day before.

I just found these pictures of me on MY fourth birthday

The morning of her birthday, her present was waiting

An Elsa bike! She was REALLY excited! Especially about the knee and elbow pads haha

We got her an Elsa helmet with a tiara on the front but it was way too big so we had to take it back and get a little pink princess one.
Raimo took the day off work and we went to the movies and saw Inside Out, the movie about feelings. It was cute, not my favorite. 
For dinner I made Rose’s choice: chicken  nuggets!

She kept asking me for a pink cake with sprinkles so that’s what I made. She opened her other presents from her grandparents. 

Here’s a picture of us on a walk in Temecula another day
And later that day at the beach 
Then the rest of Rosie’s present came on Friday when we went to Seaworld!!!

Rose loved seeing the beluga whales and sang the song baby beluga for them

Rose picked out this polar bear 

It was a pretty fun day and we’re excited to go back again!
I tell her to smile and she strikes a pose

I love her. She’s my little buddy all day long. This morning we had a huge thunderstorm that was SO loud and so close to us. Rose came and climbed in bed with me eventually and she just looked up at me with the sweetest face. She is so little and innocent, and I forget that. She always says things like, “you’re my favorite,” and I love it! 💗

The kids loved splashing outside after the crazy storm this morning 

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