Wrote this on Monday..

Man, I hate being sick. It just really cramps my style! I have been craving some exercise this week, but my throat is so sore and has this raw feeling. I’ve been whispering a lot because talking hurts. And I’ve been letting Rose watch tv so I could rest, especially while Raimo was out of town in Arizona. We just got through those couple of days, and now he is home again and HE is sick so he is really no help. In fact, I’m still taking care of everyone, myself and him included! Why is it just no fun being the mom? Anyway, we are going on some trips this week and next to Irvine and Utah so I’m trying to get better and keep the kids from getting sick. I feel like Finn has had a perpetual cough for a few months, first with teething and then colds and more colds. Poor little guy. He is seriously so easy going though so it’s not always totally clear to me when he’s not feeling well or just waking up at night. Thankfully he got back into his old sleep routine from before the teething that started at 5 months–he is sleeping through the night again (hooray!!!) from 7 till 6 am (sometimes 5 am, sometimes 6:30). I love him at 7 and 8 months. It’s been a delight. Well all of it has been, but I sure feel a lot better when I get a full night’s sleep. He and I had some special time today since Lindsey took Rose to ballet and then to her house to play today. I got to rest and pay a little extra attention to Finn (he totally gets the shaft when Rose is home, but that’s ok cause he doesn’t know any better and he’s just happy to be with all of us anyway). He kept giving me the most wonderful smiles all day. I think he knew he had my attention! It was totally adorable and I am in love.
Some of the latest with Rose… she makes up little songs all the time. I l-o-v-e LOVE it. Just now she sang a little “and now I’m going  pee pee” song on the toilet. (Sometimes it’s “peep peep” instead of pee pee, and I think that is so cute!) I love her potty-trained self. I love the urgent declarations “I have to go potty!” followed by her dropping her pants and running off bare-bottomed to the bathroom. It’s all so immediate and quick and cheeky. No time to spare! She had a great time with Savannah today. I know it because she is absolutely wiped out. I love that about her playing with friends–she actually gets enough activity for her little 3-year-old self. 
Well, today is Thursday. Just a little tired but I’m feeling much better and no kids got sick! I need to start packing… I’d much rather go to the beach. Maybe I’ll do both!

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