The following is a list of Rose phrases that I started jotting down in my phone last October. It hardly captures her extensive vocabulary. I’m always surprised by things she knows. The other day she used the word “also.” Really?! You’re two. 

Recently I added the part about possessives. I think it’s really cute watching her try to figure them out. She’ll try a couple out, look at me to see which is right.

A child’s prayer
Business time
Ring around the Rosie’s
Swinging up high
Rock-a-bye, don’t you cry
Do as I’m doing
Jesus wants me for a sun-beep
What shape is this (rectangle)? A phone
Sings Happy bday song when I light scented kitchen candle
Mm das berry good!!
Wan some?
That’s my’s. (Stops and looks at me) my’s or mine’s? (I respond “mine”) she says “that’s mine’s”
Grammar girl 🙂
That’s him’s (Finns)
Is it yours? Or mines?
No, it’s yours
… Scratch my head
It’s me’s. (Corrects herself) Mine’s.
Haha- You with me? It’s hard to translate these conversations in writing.
Rose is sick. For the third time in 2014. Enough!!!
Finn is hangin in there with his sister and zombie mama. We sleep a few hours at night.
I vacuumed today and picked up the house and showered and collected the trash. And made dinner. Accomplishments, you know. I made one of my favorite restaurant foods- fried zucchini. It was good! And a summer salad with spinach, avocado, strawberries, and walnuts with poppyseed dressing. 
This is “I wanna eat, mom”

Finn loves the bath. But watch out! He pees every single time as the warm water rises. He always gets me when I change him. He became notorious for it at the hospital with the nurses. And every time he’s peed or pooped on me, I scream and scare him. I can’t help it- it’s just my initial reaction.  Especially when the poop went in my hair! Anyway.., He loves to relax in the water. He also loves motion. He sleeps when I put him in the backpack and walk around. I push Rose in this thing simultaneously, and we probably look like the circus coming to town

 Or rock or drive. The car is my new favorite place because everybody is strapped down! And I get a break!

I’ve been trying to go for walks or do yoga. It helps put my body back together, and it’s relaxing. There isn’t always time. I’m also working on thank you cards and a project with family photos on shutterfly. And I’m working on all the seasons of Prison Break. I thought the first season was better than the second, but we’re still chugging through.
And the length of this post is me nursing Finn. 
The end 

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