Boy oh boy!

I’ve been a little busy taking care of this little man. We named him Finn Aleksis Valentin. He was 7 lb 13 oz, born exactly two weeks early on February 13 after only 5 hours of labor (barely had time for an epidural- ouch!) He has lots of blonde hair and has been an easy-going little guy so far. I love him!!!! Can’t believe he is already 2 weeks old!

4 thoughts on “Boy oh boy!

  1. Congratulations!! He looks like such a sweet little guy. I love his name too! Hope all is well for you and Raimo – Dan and I think fondly back to the time we spent living at Nantucket!


  2. Oh yay! I've been wondering about your little guy. Congratulations! I'm glad the labor came and went quickly and left you with such a nice surprise 🙂


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