This little girl

has been changing before my eyes.

Some moments are as delightful as always

And she still raises her shoulders when I tell her to smile for a picture.

She has started to really like make-believe. And she loves it even more when Raimo or I will join in.

She dislikes having her hair done. I have to be fast. It usually gets yanked out.

She runs away from me all the time now. Of course this would happen when I’m 9 months pregnant. But really, it’s dangerous. And so not funny. And she won’t hold hands in the street- yells about it instead.

The terrible twos have really hit. I love her as much as ever, but at the end of every day I feel really defeated. 

I’m trying to keep my patience and to only get upset about important things. But really, it’s hard! She has become kind of mean! But only with me.

People say “she knows what’s coming.” Maybe. Maybe not. But this is not the usual teasing little girl from before. She is testing on every level!

Do you like the subtle hints I’m giving her with the baby brother and car seat? 

I think we’re going to be fine. I keep the car seat in the living room. Because it looks so clean and cute. And because I’m really excited for a baby. Currently it’s holding a stash of plastic food and dishes curtesy of Rose.  
If all else fails, we will just get Disney passes and bribe our daughter back to loving us again, right? But she does make a cute Minnie Mouse, doesn’t she? She wore this all day.

Today she had about 3 or 4 time-outs, and screamed instead of napping, and got really upset anytime I tried to feed her anything but cereal or popcorn.

And then she fell dead asleep in the middle of a story. And then I held her and smelled her and loved her so much before putting her in her crib. And it was the best part of my day.
I’m 36 weeks pregnant and so ready to just do this thing and meet my baby! My new baby. And hopefully my sweet Rose will come back to me before too long.

3 thoughts on “This little girl

  1. Oh goodness, I feel for you! Addison went through a truly awful phase between 18 months and two years. But almost no one believed me because she mostly directed all her hostility at me. I spent a lot of (attempted) diaper changes breaking down in tears because she was kicking and hitting me so much. Ugh. The memories. It would definitely be harder being 9 months pregnant… Here's to better days for you!


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