December 12

It’s the middle of December, and I have spent the past two mornings on the beach. It makes me feel peaceful. and invigorated. and happy. and LUCKY. Lucky that I live in a warm climate again and that I am not facing the depression I felt while having to stay indoors for months last winter. Rose let me hold her hand, and chattered happily as we followed the tracks of a long-gone truck. Both mornings she picked up a stick to hold in her free hand, and both mornings she announced “Time to go home,” which was fine with me because even a short walk near the ocean fills me up.

Fast-forward to this afternoon. Rose had been asleep for a little over an hour when I started to feel a little cold. So I took a hot bath. It felt a little exhilarating taking a hot bath at 3 in the afternoon! Can a person do that? I made an event out of it and took some chocolate ice cream and magazines. I think it eased up some of the back pain I have been feeling all week–it is so unnerving when something in my body is off like that. A reminder to be thankful for the times I am feeling well.

There are some days that I just push through. But today I am feeling kind of lucky.

One thought on “December 12

  1. I'm so glad you get to enjoy a beautiful day on the beach. We are so lucky to live in a nice climate, or in my case to live within 2 hours of a nice climate since now we live in the cold mountains!!


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