Ensign Review. Since I read it this month :)

I really liked a lot of articles in the Ensign this month. My favorite was this one:

Opening Our Hearts to Revelation

I learned a lot from it and felt like it was very applicable to our technological generation. I also like the connections he makes with the things we spend our time doing and the things we think or worry about and how we can become too busy or even desensitized from the spirit. I tore it out in the hopes I’ll make some changes. And in hopes I’ll read it again after awhile and remember why I liked it.

I also liked No Corrupt Communication about the dangers of sarcasm in our relationships. I think it’s interesting they said to replace it with patience and a sense of humor.

Another was In His Own Time, in His Own Way by Dallin H. Oaks. He gives some great thoughts about revelation.

A New Writing was good about scripture study.

Lastly, Only 10 Dollars made me cry. We forget about God’s grace. It is endless. 

One thought on “Ensign Review. Since I read it this month :)

  1. Thanks for posting this list of articles you liked. It motivated me to pick up the Ensign and read through it. These last few weeks have been very busy for me and I've neglected more important spiritual things. It's ironic, since it was filled with sick kids, my mom being diagnosed with an aggressive skin cancer and subsequent surgery, friends moving away… all things that ought to have led me to seek extra comfort and guidance and somehow I was too busy to do it before. I really thought the talks you listed were timely and very inspiring. Just like this quote from Elder Kearon, “When you are feeling overwhelmed and overburdened, it seems impossible to slow down, find a quiet space, and draw close to your Heavenly Father. Just the mere suggestion that you carve out some time from your already overscheduled day may increase the sense of pressure you feel….We must each find and then guard a time each day to remember these words of the Lord: 'All flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God'. A segment of time when we can be still, quiet, and removed from our busyness will help recenter us, refocus our priorities, and bring us back into a position to receive and feel the messages our Heavenly Father wishes to send us.” I made a goal to try to be less attuned to the beeps on my tablet and more to my kids and the Spirit. Thanks. 🙂


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