The latest

8.5 weeks
First dr appointment

Little arms and legs already! It was wiggling around during the ultrasound- I couldn’t believe how early we got to see this baby! It is SO tiny.

Hi baby

I have been nauseated and SO tired. Hence all this movie watching. I think I am more tired than I was with Rose. We get up around 6:30 every day and i crash on the couch while Rose watches her shows. I try to go for a walk every morning with Rose in the stroller, and it totally wears me out for the rest of the day. Being up on my feet a lot also makes me crampy, which didnt happen till my third trimester last time. I think my belly is going to grow slightly faster too.  I feel like there’s more activity going on down there. We shall see. The dr said with each baby, the pregnancy gets harder and the delivery/recovery gets easier. I am totally ok with that if it means easier recovery. I am hoping to avoid foreceps and catheters and all the other fun stuff I got to do. I feel really good about my doctor- she did not rush our visit- I saw her 3 times while I was there, and I feel like I will have more say in what happens during delivery, not to mention someone who’s nicer.
Here’s 9 weeks

And here’s yesterday at 10 weeks. My baby is about an inch and a quarter. 

For the first few weeks, I kept forgetting I was pregnant. It’s different because I’m taking care of another child all day. But it’s starting to sink in. I’m excited to have a winter pregnancy ( mostly because it gets so hot at the end). I’m due February 27. My guess for the actual day is February 13. I’m excited for a new sweet tiny baby in my arms! I kind of imagine it’s a girl because that’s all I know. But I guess it really could go either way! I can’t wait to meet you, baby!! 
Also, I made steak san marcos for the first time tonight and it was yummy. And a late birthday cake too

4 thoughts on “The latest

  1. Congrats, Jessica!! That's awesome!! Harder pregnancy, easier recovery — I had never heard it phrased that way, but it seems to fit with what I have heard from a lot of my friends. Good luck!!


  2. Wow, so exciting! I think we're outliers in that our first pregnancy was worse than second, but recovery is so much better. I felt like my insides healed faster second time. Good luck! I actually wondered when your lists of things to do (running, singing, fun stuff you do…) went to a list of movies. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂


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