Just gonna add to my previous list. We just got Netflix again so I’ve got a bunch of new options. I watched:

Mrs. Brown- it was about queen victoria. beautiful movie!
Barefoot in the Park- with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda you can’t go wrong. I was giggling through the whole newlywed mess- such a cute movie. I’d watch it again. Really liked it
The Englishman- a little slow, but a nice story 
Drop Dead Diva- kind of a funny series. Very clean and kinda girly 
I.Q. – boring chick flick. Thought it would be better with Meg Ryan
White Collar- good show. I need to get caught up- I forgot what happened earlier on this show
13 Going on 30- good to re-watch. Don’t you love that guy? He’s so cute with her 
Charade- where have i been? I hadn’t seen it before. Classic
So there’s your update.

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