Dating Diaries 17

Our engagement was a little under 4 months long. It was extremely exciting and busy. My mom and I booked a boat in Newport harbor for the reception and we scheduled the Newport temple (the pink temple!) for the sealing. We went wedding dress shopping, which was so fun! We made plans for the photos, flowers, food, music, etc. I was finishing up my junior year of college and Raimo was finishing sophomore year. We shared the news with all of our friends and coworkers and family- everyone was so happy for us. Raimo and I spent every day together. It was kind of stressful preparing for a wedding. I remember getting the invitations in the mail and being totally stunned and afraid of the finality of it all. After invitations went out, it would be more real. And I cried. I remember talking to my cousin Tracy about it, and she told me about talking to her sister Stephanie the night before her wedding. She just asked, do you love him? It takes some faith to take such a big step in life. I took that step with excitement, joy, fear, and faith. I knew I loved Raimo. In fact, I never really asked God if it was a good choice because I already knew that Raimo was a spiritual, good man and I felt He would approve of any righteous desire I had to marry such a man. As the wedding date drew closer, I got really excited about playing house with Raimo-getting to have a place of our own and being together all the time. It was summer and I was warm and happy and so looking forward to being a bride!

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