August To Do List

The play finally ended. Two very full months passed, and about 46 performances later it is over. I was looking forward to the end, especially since we started having so many matinees in the last weeks (it’s harder to find sitters, plus it’s more time away from my baby). However, the last few shows were really sad! It has been really fun for me to be part of this production and to have a chance to hang out with friends every other night. Not to mention sing and perform. I am planning on doing more shows soon. I actually tried out for the lead in South Pacific at the Hale in Orem, and I got a call back! The call backs were about 5 hours and super intimidating. The other 3 girls were really talented and I learned a lot about auditioning just by watching them. I didn’t get the part, which I expected. In fact, leaving that day I told my mom I already knew which two girls would get it. And they did. It still wasn’t very fun to find out last week though. However, I am home again which is nice. I feel very very free again.

This month I want to get some things done:
relax and hang out with Rose,
finish painting my table and chairs and reupholster the seats,
hang some more pictures,
get some boring things done on my “to do” list,
go to California,
see Tracy married!!!
go to the beach,
plan a trip with Raimo,
get some more exercise since I didn’t do much while in the play,
buy a hutch for my china,
paint Rose’s bookshelf,
hang out with friends,
go on dates,
try out for another play maybe…

I was telling Raimo yesterday that I just felt optimistic about the future. This is totally uncharacteristic for me. Something about some of the things I heard in church, combined with what I’ve been thinking about this month and some things I’ve been studying I think have overall contributed to a sense of well-being. Normally I’m so focused on where I want to be and on the goals I have for myself. But I was just feeling like I have everything I want, and the future still holds a lot of exciting things. I was also feeling very thankful for my little family. We have been very blessed.

This summer passed by so quickly, as it always does. Winter comes too quickly in Utah. Maybe I will add “hunt for California jobs” to the above list… 😉 Anyone have any good leads?

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