Current Events

Currently I’m: sitting at rehearsal tonight. We are getting closer and closer to June 6th, opening night! It is fun seeing everything coming together now. We are going to have some pretty long nights in the coming weeks, but I’m having fun!

Currently I’m enjoying: a washer and dryer for mothers’ day! And roses! So laundry has been happening in full force again, which is a really good thing.

Currently Rose: is crawling up the stairs like lightning and I’m trying to keep up! She likes to stand and peek between the railings and holler down at me. She is so strong!

Currently my voice: is having some issues. I haven’t sung much since BYU Singers 2 years ago, and I have been pushing it too much at practice. I need to go back to the basics and remember to sing the right way–I’m losing my voice and having trouble with consistency and sometimes high notes!

Currently I’m eating: cookies. I had a dream about nutter butters this morning and woke up with a desperate craving that forced me to bake, bake, bake.

Currently Netflixing: Say Yes to the Dress (and some other wedding TCL show), Psych, and other random stuff that isn’t worth mentioning

Currently trying: to live in the present and enjoy the little things. It’s really hard for me! I’m always pushing toward the next exciting event or thing. Last night I was laying in bed and had a little moment where I felt so happy with things as they were–cuddling (before it got too hot) next to sleeping Raimo, thinking about my darling baby in the other room and her sweet smiles, enjoying the chance I get to sing almost every day in rehearsal. It was a nice moment that I think Heavenly Father helped me have. Why can’t I feel that great all the time?

Currently wishing: for more date nights or one-on-one time with Raimo.

Currently thankful: that we finally got to the temple again! It had been over a year due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, expired recommends, and other silly reasons. We did sealings for some of Raimo’s ancestors, including his great-grandma Emilia and great-grandpa Matti. Pretty amazing, right?

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