Dating Diaries

Dating Diaries 11

I will skip ahead to Raimo. I dated a TON my sophomore year of college, but it was a ton of first and second dates, and not a lot of serious dating. I was having a hard time making up my mind about anyone. Even dating Raimo was very slow in the beginning. We met in our Gold 1 Latin Ballroom class. I think it was at 8 a.m. in the KMB –which has since been torn down đŸ˜¦Â  I remember thinking he was a hottie and also thinking he kind of had this cool factor. As in, he was a much better dancer than anyone in our class and was therefore cool and aloof. In truth, Raimo has a lot more natural dance ability than most girls. However, I later found out he is as friendly as he is talented, and that cool exterior really doesn’t exist for me anymore (sorry, babe!). It was his silliness and kindness and romantic heart that eventually won me over. So anyway, we didn’t ever speak in class. Everyone was always switching partners, as you always do in ballroom classes, and every once in a while Raimo would ask me. But I thought he wasn’t interested in me because he rarely asked me to dance.

Read Raimo’s story here:

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