To sleep or not to sleep

Princess Rose has a cold right now so she has been waking up more at night, which means less sleeping for me. Every time she wakes me up, it takes me a while to fall back asleep. Plus I sometimes have trouble falling asleep at the beginning of the night anyway.

On Wednesday night I was so tired and still hadn’t been able to fall asleep at 1 am so I took a sleeping pill (half the dosage). Needless to say, I was able to fall asleep again each time she woke me.

And I was also able to sleep again after she woke up at 7 am. I continued to sleep, and Raimo watched Rose until I finally got up at 9:30 to feed her breakfast, bathe her, and put her down for a nap, after which I went back to sleep until 11:30.

I continued to feel super drowsy for the rest of the day, even after a shower and trip to the mall. I felt like the muscles in my face were just droopy, and my brain was totally fried!!! I could not function. I was so doped up.

No more sleeping pills for me for a while!!!!

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