Dating Diaries 9

I got to know Matt in unique setting–we were building houses in Mexico with our church youth program, and we just happened to be in the same group or “family” (we were the big brother and sister in our family). I had seen Matt at other youth activities, but it wasn’t until we were working alongside each other, nailing boards together, wearing matching t-shirts and bandannas, that I actually talked to him for the first time. Matt is easy to like. He is good-natured, well-spoken, chivalrous, kind, intelligent, and extremely driven and hard-working. We had a wonderful time on that trip, and our ‘parents’ kind of hinted and teased that we should date. Matt was never particularly forward though, and I honestly never knew quite what he thought about me. We did, however, go out on some dates and have some really fun times together.

We made a lot of trips to Cold Stone, played baseball in the backyard… and went on dates. My favorite date was a perfect evening in Palm Springs. We took in the view on the aerial tram, enjoyed the cool air at the top, and trekked around the trails. As I hiked around, getting dirt in my sandals, Matt kept me going with promises of a nice dinner to follow. And he delivered, taking me out for a really delicious meal at a fancy restaurant. The thing that made the night so special was just talking and laughing and holding hands while we walked. Before heading home, we drove out into the dark desert to wait for a meteor shower, which unfortunately never turned up, but that didn’t really matter because it was the waiting that was so great.

We went out on dates, but I always got the feeling he was doing it just to go on a date. I honestly didn’t think he liked me, though he must have at least liked hanging out with me. We emailed during college and got together sometimes when we were both back at home. Westpoint seemed to change him drastically, or at least it changed his demeanor and outlook. He seemed even more focused, even more disciplined, and I felt even further away from him. I am sure that was more of a phase of his life and that he has settled into a more normal, social lifestyle since then, but I could not understand how he endured such a controlled  two years there! He has mental stamina unlike anyone else I know. It also really stuns me that Matt is not married yet since he is the kind of guy mormon girls love. The only things that could possibly have prevented this so far (just guessing here) include: 1) he is completely and wholly focused on his personal goals, which include but are not limited to becoming a neurologist! 2) he is totally clueless about the girls who are crushing on him/would love for him to take them out. Yes, I think he is totally clueless as to how many girls thought he was cute in high school. Maybe he didn’t even know how much liked him. I felt like most of our relationship was carried on by me and my emails and such.

I know he will achieve every dream he has set for himself. And one day (maybe when some girl takes matters into her own hands) he will make her extremely happy.

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