My unabashed crush on Chuck Bass

So Raimo and I have joined the ranks and finally created a Netflix account. We have pretty much holed up in our apartment for the month of February and are rifling our way (surfing our way?) through one tv series after another. My guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl. You know you love me, xoxo. Yes, it is bad and I cannot stop. Rose is probably so sick of that theme song, and Raimo has probably heard enough bad advice from Serena and Blair to last a lifetime, but I can’t help it. Funny note: Raimo actually referred to my bosoms as ‘Serena and Blair’ the other night, and I laughed and laughed! The problem is, I’ve fallen in love with Chuck Bass. No, this is not another Dating Diaries entry, however, I would probably have fallen for him if he were actually a real boy. He wears the most outrageously wonderful fancy suits and bow ties, but always pulls it off with class (and a sneer). I love that he has his own limo and driver and I love how he apologized to Blair by flying off to Europe in his private jet to bring back her favorite macaroons from Paris and favorite brand of stockings from Germany and whatever other ridiculous presents. He is dangerously bad, but deep and full of feeling at the same time. As the seasons go by (pun intended) his layers are peeled away one by one. And we find his… nucleus. Nacho, anyone? Honestly, I have not felt this way since I fell in love with Lon Hammond when I watched The Notebook. Only I loved Lon because he was so good and so forgiving and wonderful with his true blue eyes. And fabulously rich!

Would I recommend Gossip Girl to you? NO! It is full of suggestive material, and the teens go around butting into each others’ business and doing all kinds of things that no high schooler should ever do (or adult, in my opinion). But like I said, it is my guilty pleasure, and I have to watch it for Chuck. I need to know that he ends up with Blair-I love how he loves her and knows every. single. one. of her favorite things, down to the tiniest details. I love what he did for her for her senior prom. And I also need to know what happens to his empire that he is building at the age of 21. Maybe I have a thing for powerful men? Well, but then there’s Lon. So maybe it’s more like powerful, good men who are capable of loving one woman with so much intensity. I love love.

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