My third grade teacher nicknamed me giggle box

Tonight was one of those nights where I lost it and had a really good laugh. Our new apartment doesn’t have a microwave, so we’ve (let’s be real–Raimo doesn’t step foot in the kitchen) I’VE been reheating our food in the oven. I was reheating some hamburger meat for tacos, and just before we sat down to eat, I threw a few tortillas right in on the rack to warm them up. Except, I went to my computer to browse KSL and craigslist and forgot about the tortillas. Raimo heard the oven beep and peeked in. He started pulling out some flying saucers one by one that should have been tortillas. We sat down to our meal and both started cracking up at the rock-hard tortillas. We were piling meat, cheese, and tomatoes between our flat, browned tortillas and crunching through them. Pieces were going everywhere. If you don’t already know, I am not much of a movie-quoter, except when it comes to Nacho Libre. Raimo loves that movie with all his heart and is always quoting it. So one quip about de chips (pronounced cheeps) and I was snorting and trying to keep my just-sipped-juice from exploding out of my mouth and nose (I really am a giggle box and have no control over these things). The great irony that I still haven’t disclosed the fact that while the tortillas were roasting in the oven, I was on KSL looking for a microwave! Too perfect.

What you also don’t know is that even now, as I am recounting this story, I am still cracking up, throwing my head back and laughing every couple of sentences. Once I lose myself, I’m just a GONNER. Speaking of Netflix, Raimo is sitting in the room with me watching Heroes, and he seems totally unfazed by the fact that I have been cracking up, but I just found out he has been recording me while I sit here laughing. I will have to post it for you if I can get my blog to handle that many cookies or whatever. You know what I’m talking about.

Don’t you just love laughing? I haven’t lost my marbles like this in a while! Ah!

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