7 Months

Ballroom competition in our matching sweatsuits.

With the boyfriend.

She does things like this with her fingers.

Month 6 and 7 have been so great and so easy! Rose sleeps like a champ. She is starting to sit more and continues to do lots of push-ups, but no actual crawling. When I check in on her at night, she is often sleeping on her knees, which I find absolutely adorable for some reason. She laughs at us a lot–she is very ticklish on her thighs, shoulders, and belly. Every morning I go get her around 7 and she joins us in bed, and every morning she discovers daddy in the bed and gets the cutest smile on her face. She loves him so much! She gives him kisses and touches his face.

We spend all day playing together, and I shower and watch Netflix during naps. This is the life. Haha it is not perfect, but most of the time it is pretty awesome. Rose is eating pears, apples, bananas, blueberry-apple, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Squash wasn’t a favorite and peas were totally rejected. I tasted them and I can see why.

I try to enjoy every day with her. There are times when I wish I could just record every minute. But even the camera doesn’t really capture everything the right way.

Oh how we love our little Rose Colette!

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