Dating Diaries

Dating Diaries

I was inspired by another blogger, Cjanerun, who wrote about 5 of her past loves. Each story was so different and so beautiful, and in each story she reflected on how that person had influenced her. I find relationships very interesting, and I think you can learn a lot about yourself through dating and friendships. With it being February, love has been on my mind lately and I’ve been remembering some pretty great valentines-of-the-past as well as some great people I got to date (there have been a lot of them). I think I’d like to take a little look back on some of the loves of my youth. Maybe this will get interesting! This blog could use a little spicing up, after all!

My first kiss
unfortunately happened just outside the door to Mr. Pocheco’s physical science class in front of a bunch of other students. Fortunately, it happened to be with a hot guy that had the a great smile and who also happened to look good in baseball pants. We were both freshmen and happened to be in Mrs. Jones’ literature class. I was completely unaware that Sean Greer even knew who I was. Maybe it was the cheerleader mini skirt that did the trick, but notice me he did, and he completely took me by surprise when one day he asked me for my number. I think I must have given him my “digits” on a scrap of paper before skipping away to my best friend Amanda to divulge my amazing news.

The great thing about Sean was that he was not only tall, dark and handsome, popular, and pitcher on our baseball team; he was also very sweet and a complete gentleman. Since I was technically not allowed to date until I turned 16, he went along with my family on some interesting outings, including a trip to a local Home Show, just so we could be together. The Home Show turned into a pretty funny joke between the two of us. In turn, we went with his family to his brother-in-law’s baseball games. (Side note: I remember wearing some teeny tiny white shorts to one of these games and was FREE. ZING. It was totally worth it, I’m sure.) While my family’s dating policies must have been totally foreign and strange to him, he never tried to get me to break this rule which I really appreciated.

He did, however, teach me how to kiss. He caught me off guard one day after walking me to class and just bent down without any fuss or warning. One. Two. Three kisses, and that was that. We practiced some more later, like after the midwinter formal on my front porch. With tongue. I proceeded to go inside and tell my mom all about it. What?!

As I was dating Sean, someone else started taking notice of me for the first time. My elementary crush and best friend’s older brother, Josh. He was pretty irresistible since he was a junior and had been on my crush list since 1999. I was torn because I wanted to date him too, but Sean didn’t get the whole “I date lots of people because I’m an LDS teen and can’t technically be in a relationship” deal. I thought I should probably pick Josh because he was Mormon like me. Dating Josh lasted less than a month. Maybe less than one date. He was my first “technical” date on my 16th birthday, he told me he loved me in the rain, wrote me poetry about my “denim-blue eyes”, wanted to talk about politics which I did not care about, then stopped calling and went for another girl who was actually his age.

I regretted breaking up with Sean. Around my senior year I got it into my head that I wanted to date him again and went to great lengths to run into him. I even got a membership at LA Fitness because I knew (or thought I knew) he worked out there. Stalker status, right? I remember going to Starbucks with my girlfriend Traci, mulling over how I wanted to go out with him. I actually became less sure of myself with each high school year, and by that point I was no longer a cheerleader, had fewer friends than ever before, ate lunch alone sometimes, and was pretty ready to move on to college. I had Traci act as co-conspirator on the treadmills at LA Fitness, but alas Sean and I never went out again.

So what do you think? Want more???

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