I love cake

That is, this petunia pickle bottom diaper bag—it’s called Berry Chiffon Cake. What a name.
Why do I have to like expensive things? 300$… really. For a diaper bag. I like it because it looks like a purse. And it’s pretty!

Why can’t I like a cute 30 $ bag? If I want a diaper bag that looks like a purse, I should probably just look through my closet and find one that can double as diaper bag. But I wuv it!

Their company makes a lot of cute ones. I really like the colors on this one:

Still haven’t really bought any baby stuff besides clothes, but I am getting geared up. I think this baby bedding is so pretty:I was thinking of just sewing some bedding, but this would be a lot easier!

So this is what I do at work. Fun stuff!

I started sewing a baby dress a couple weeks ago. The cut pieces have been sitting on the kitchen counter ever since. Maybe today I will get started.

2 thoughts on “I love cake

  1. Diaper bag idea: I went to Ross and bought a good sized women's laptop bag which has been the perfect diaper bag! It looks like a purse, it was super cheap, and it doesn't scream “diaper bag” when you see it. Good luck!! So excited for you 🙂


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