Last week

Last week was a nostalgic one for me and Raimo. On Tuesday we went to the BYU Singers’ pre-tour concert. It was seriously amazing and I may have shed a tear or two. I was jealous of all those girls and the great experiences they have every day. They get to do a tour this year and have such a great repertoire. I just realized I will probably never be part of anything like that again. We also went to BYU’s National Dancesport on Friday and Saturday nights. It was sad not having any part in the competitions. I enjoyed watching some great dancing and leaning over to talk about all the dancing and costumes with Raimo–he is so fun to go to dance stuff with. We missed being part of the big weekend, Raimo even more than me. I felt a little sorry for myself having a big belly and not having a fit body that can do things like dance. But those feelings come and go… I am still so glad to be in this stage of life now. I am excited to be moving on from the college lifestyle–I have been living it for 6 years now and it has really lost its luster. I am excited to start some wonderful new things this summer and start our family. Only 122 more days! That’s 18 weeks or 4.5 months! She is going to be so cute!

2 thoughts on “Last week

  1. aww she will be cute! I know what you mean about the nostalgia… somedays I wish I could just hang out on campus and see Dan in between classes… and have fantastic discussions in English classes… but you're right; living the college life does lose it's luster!


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