Ward Choir

So in January of 2010 our ward boundaries changed and Raimo and I were moved to the BYU 109th ward. I have enjoyed it very much and feel like we have gotten to know so many people. There are still a lot of people I don’t talk to frequently, but at this point I feel like there are many familiar faces at church and we at least know each others’ names and visit from time to time. When we moved into the ward our bishop called me to be ward choir director. I was really excited to get a music calling, but I was also really nervous to be the one directing instead of singing or playing the piano. For the first 6 months or so I honestly dreaded that 1 o’clock hour on Sundays–I was nervous that no one would show up, that I wouldn’t do a good job, that people would think the choir was just mediocre. I would voice all my fears to Raimo all Sunday morning–I had some major insecurities! But we kept having practice, thanks to some really wonderful people who were my faithful members. Finally, after 15 months of this calling, I have become so much more comfortable conducting and leading practice. I am still just making it up as I go (ha!) But I have really learned what it means to be “magnified in your calling.” I am magnified by the pianists and singers who come to practice and who have listened to me mess up and been patient with me as I try to explain what I want them to do. They are the ones who really make everything possible. With their help, I am so much more comfortable (and I think better than before) leading them. Now I really look forward to that hour each week, and I always wish we had more time! I am really lucky to have a ward full of musical talent, and I am always so proud of their beautiful performances! I loved every second of our Christmas program–it turned out so great with only a month of practice! I have really missed being in Singers this year, but ward choir has filled that space a little bit. I never thought I would feel that way about ward choir! I am really excited about our Easter music–it’s going to sound awesome!

3 thoughts on “Ward Choir

  1. Jessica,
    I was a ward choir conductor in my singles ward back home and have felt your pain when you feel like no one will show up. It can be a tough calling for sure but you make it look so easy! You are a wonderful conductor and I have enjoyed going to choir. You choose music that challenges us and makes us want to grow in our talents. I just love our ward choir and can't wait for the Easter program!


  2. I still remember that very first piece I heard the ward choir sing after you were called. It seriously blew me away — it looked like such a small group, but sang like a much bigger group. I have loved the ward choir performances and would never have guessed at your nervousness or insecurities. You look like an amazing conductor to me!


  3. Matt and I have really enjoyed singing in the choir with you as the leader. It's been great to have someone that knows a lot about singing directing us. And the music has been beautiful. 🙂


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