He is mine

Last night as we were putting a frozen pizza in the oven, Raimo and I realized this is our 5th Valentine’s Day together. We have been together for a long time! 5 years ago was our first kiss, and 3 years ago we got engaged, so it is a pretty special holiday for us. We both had to agree last night that this was our worst Valentine’s so far!!! haha we laughed as we said it because it was still a nice night, but the previous years were pretty spectacular. This year we chose to buy a Valentine laptop instead of going out to eat and doing gifts. It was a pretty expensive gift, but one we have needed for a while! So last night we just had pizza and watched some tv together and just said some I love you’s, and as usual I fell asleep on the couch at 9:15 PM. What a party. Honestly though, Valentine’s should always fall over a weekend–it is so much better than a Monday night. Still, we had fun and I love love love my hubby. Here are the only recent pictures of us. I was one month pregnant and was starting to figure that out that weekend.
Love him

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