It is a little scary…

just how fast my belly is growing. There seemed to be absolutely no change for the first 14 weeks. Then I had a small doughnut below my belly button. Then I hit week 17, and suddenly I am growing every single day. It’s still not very obvious to other people because I don’t wear any of my small clothes (they definitely don’t look good–just make me look like I ate a small animal whole). Thankfully my wardrobe is pretty flexible with some bigger shirts. But Raimo and I just look at my belly when I’m getting dressed, and we’re thinking “what’s going on in there?!” I have a firm, low pooch right between the hip bones. Yikes! I pretty much leave my jeans unbuttoned all day. It is all happening so fast! I will have to upload some photos if we ever get a new computer.

One thought on “It is a little scary…

  1. That's so fun! I'm so excited for you guys! It really is so awesome to have a baby. If you think you're growing fast now, just wait until the third trimester. It seems like between weeks 27 and 35 the belly suddenly explodes. But it is fun to have all kinds of people congratulating you and making cute comments. šŸ™‚


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