I had a soup fest a couple of weeks ago and was making homemade soups every couple of days. Well one of them turned out really great! A corn “choup” (chowder and soup) by Rachael Ray. It had bacon and potatoes and was soo delicious. The other soups…. we’ll call a learning experience. It was fun to get out the cookbooks for a little while.

I am currently reading Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery. It is such a wonderful book. Here are a couple of favorite passages:

“Can you sing?” asked a thin, freckled girl, who yet contrived to be very pretty in spite of thinness and freckles.
“No,” said Emily.
“Can you dance?”
“Can you sew?”
“Can you cook?”
“Can you knit lace?”
“Can you crochet?”
“Then what can you do?” said the freckled-one in a contemptuous tone.
“I can write poetry,” said Emily, without in the least meaning to say it. But at that instant she knew she could write poetry. And with this queer unreasonable conviction came–the flash! Right there, surrounded by hostility and suspicion, fighting alone for her standing, without backing or advantage, came the wonderful moment when soul seemed to cast aside the bonds of flesh and spring upward to the stars.

Another line I liked very much was “To love is easy and therefore common–but to understand–how rare it is!” This line comes just when she has finally met another human being who is like her father–someone she can really talk with and share her true feelings with. She hadn’t had that connection with her starchy aunts or sarcastic great aunt or even with her school playmates. It isn’t until she meets a fellow writer that she really connects on that level. I just love that italicized understand. I love those kind of relationships.

P.S. I just talked with Traci for an hour. When we get on the phone together, we just go off. It is so fun for me.

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