The Other Day…

I was knocking doors the other day, I had just talked to a few customers and signed them up for more services. I then came upon a customer who wasn’t happy with our service. The ironic thing is the fact that I literally came minutes after a competitors internet service provider rep left their home. They hadn’t signed up yet to switch the service. The customer has a very large family and the internet had been going out couple times a week, which is annoying when you’re doing homework. I listened to them tell me everything that was going wrong for over an hour. & about their life. The other service provider had told them they could get 50mpbs data, they just had with us 10mbps. I told them that we have that package and it will be cheaper too. The cust said that they didn’t even know we offer that package. But that wasn’t their only concern, they had had a hard time getting a hold of cust service. The other provider called our service line, only to be put on hold for a few minutes and then sent to an answering machine. They called his service and it picked up. I was thinking thats becuase they don’t have any cust (which is sorta true by the fact that we cover more than just utah for service). The lady then told me I should work on my talents, and explained how we can gain talents and such. Well I showed them our price for 50meg and phone and tv, they saw that it was cheaper than the other, I also assured them that we would do something about their internet not working, cause there are a few other customers on the street that have our service, and the service is working fine. So it looks like our competition is selling cust service, becuase the cust knows that we actually have better quality service, (their son was a tech guy who see’s that we have invested in more quality products. I hope our customer service will fix the issues that this one particular cust is having. We’ve fixed things like this. Cuase generally I’d say over 75% of the cust I talk to are happy with our service. but it was crazy. Very nice family they shared their life story and how people haven’t treated them very nicely, its sad cuase their very nice and really smart. I”m going to follow up and make sure we treat them right as our customer.

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