My day off

Dear bloggers,
Isn’t it fun hearing Raimo’s commentary on life from time to time? I don’t think I would hear those things from him otherwise. I enjoyed his notes on tetris, especially since the game has been keeping him locked up in the bathroom for even longer than usual lately. I’m glad to know that it helped in the rearranging of our house:It’s so much more open now. I love it.

Today is the first day of fall. We’ve been leaving the windows open at night, and every morning is so crisp and cool in our apartment. And since we live in the shadows, it remains quite cool all day. Today I wore a sweatshirt for the first time (inside the house). I painted my nails an autumn bronze, I cleaned up my house and added a little fall decor, and I sliced up some garden fresh tomatoes and ate them with lots of salt (Raimo brought them home from work–from an old lady he met on the doors…. they were big and plump and so-much-better-than-grocery-store tomatoes). My friend did a soup week in honor of fall, and I’m thinking I need to make some delicious homemade soups because that sounds soo good.

I have the day off work today. It has been nice to sleep a little later, get caught up around the house, do some laundry, and see some daylight.

That is all that’s going on. Lately I am loving:

–the sound of plastic hangers clacking against each other or screeching across a metal pole. This means either I am shopping or I am going to hit my sales goal at work.
–having a stack of good sheet music next to me at the piano (every once in a while, I go play at the church across the street)
–living the simple life with Raimo. Sometimes we really wish we had this or that awesome thing, and sometimes I really wish we had fun plans to move or to do something exciting, but then we have nice days like today and I am quite content where I am.

Here are some recent photos
So that’s about it!

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