Bad Hair day?

Yesterday was Jessica’s first day of work. To make sure she was on time, I forgot to comb my hair. from that, i took off for work. another day to knock doors. The first two doors no one answers, even though I can hear people inside, it was relatively early (10a.m.) for a saturday. I walk past a cult de sac that I had knocked in febuary and thought to myself, boy it sure would be nice to know all the houses that have service, I could have knocked just one area quite easily. I walk up to the house. two little kids answer the door, good morning, could I speak with your mom or dad. The dad comes to the door. We talk a bit. I almost ask him if he needs time to think it over with his wife, but they say they’d rather switch over to the service. And they invite me in.
It is at this point I realize that my hair wasn’t combed, and let me just say, it was going in all directions, so from that point on I make a joke about not using a comb. it worked out good, the family signed up with a triple play, which means tv phone & internet. I was totally going to let them think about it, but they invited me in and made me a sale. Love it when that happens, but realized that I do need to close sales more.

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