Another Day On The Job

We all have funny experiences, It just so happens that the mundane of door knocking can be taken away after each door. Jess had the car today since it was her first day of work! I decided to take Axle (my trusted made in China Scooter). It was getting dark, I put $.70 cents into her to fill her up for the month, and off I went. The weather is getting colder, so I put on one of my jackets to keep the cool out. My first door consisted of a family that I had talked to previously, they had asked for some information that I didn’t have on me at the time, and I was returning to give them that info. Well they didn’t answer the door, so I decided to leave a note with my last large sticky note, Naturally as I turned to leave the gentleman answers the door. We had a brief enthusiastic discussion on what the next step towards getting the service, and then he mentions that he didn’t answer the door cause he had just stepped into the bathroom. It happens to the best of us.
Actually that wasn’t the funny thing that happened on the way back home with Axle, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, some thing flying, it turned out that I hadn’t taken off the sales tag from my jacket. I laughed, I had a lot of people drive by laughing. The other annoying thing I noticed is: you run into a lot of bugs when riding a scooter. I’m serious when the sun has gone down but its not fully dark yet, the bugs fly straight for your headlight and somehow end up hitting you neck, chest, arms, face, it was… an interesting feeling. One day I’ll put pictures on with my writing but until then, you’ll have to bare with my boring stories.
Do you ever notice that right when you decide to do something, the phone or doorbell rings?

2 thoughts on “Another Day On The Job

  1. I agree. Every time I rode the motorcycle home I would eat so many bugs. And bees are the worst. They hit you hard in the face. Well hope all well. Have a good night.


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