New trick

Lately I feel like everyone is letting me down. Well not everyone, but we’ve had quite a few things happen lately that are just not so fair and not very nice. My sister-in-law, who seems to get along with pretty much everyone, once told me her secret: “I just don’t care.” When people let her down or are super mean, she just says, “Oh well” and moves on with or without them. I have given that a try, but I am having a hard time with it because I DO care! I care about justice!! But I think it is kind of a helpful thing because it helps you not be consumed with anger or disappointment, and I can know that as long as I am doing my part and being the best I can for my family, friends, and associates, I can feel happy still even when let down. It doesn’t always work right away though. And I have a really hard time forgetting…

I feel like things are not fair this week. Not everyone in our family is being fair and Raimo’s boss is unfair and one of our friends is very unfair. I’ve been crying, but the good thing is that once I move past it… I won’t care.

But probably not until I finish one of these rolls

Thanks for listening šŸ™‚ Phew

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