Ok so last time I shared with you one of my more recent days at work. I’d like to share with you this time one of my first days out knocking ever! (this excert will most likely be put into the experiences chapter of my book.
It was mid March at the time I was assigned a couple blocks, I could knock every in the highlighted map, and so with that I had a system of two highlighters green if they didn’t answer, & pink if I talked to them. With this in mind I rode with my co-worker/friend. His area was right next to mine, my first person I talked to had recently bought a snow cat. If you don’t know what that is, thats ok, for the most part it looks like a car, with huge tredds under it so it can climb up any mountain covered in snow. It was sweet looking, naturally the guy already had the services we were offering so no sale on that. I met an accountant who wanted me to come back after april when tax season was over, he didn’t have any time to talk, met some other people and then ran into a current customer of ours who didn’t have the television service we were offering at the time. He was really nice and liked the idea of bundling the service I explained the packages he could have and the pricing, I set it up with the middle package so that if he wanted a little more that was an option or if the price was too high we had other options below. He asked if I could come back later in the evening and show all this to his wife. so I knocked some more. Talked with a guy who was preparing for armageddon, buying all these supplies and food, and gear. I went back later the family was eating dinner at that time. “have you eaten dinner?” they asked me. I hadn’t, so they invited me in. We ate meatloaf, and got to know the family. The family had 3 kids, who liked the idea of getting television in the home. the wife wasn’t feeling it as much but felt that if the kids did their chores and homework for a week they’d add the service. (naturally that didn’t come to fruition so I lost a sale). I was determined to not go home without a sale for the night, I had been knocking for a couple hours already and didn’t want to quit yet. I decided to keep going, the last house on the street I meet a gentleman who has dish, and is tired of the price of it. I share with him our promotions and actual price he likes it, and invites me in, we fill out some paper work, and poof a sale.
What happened back there, that sale didn’t come because of my amazing selling abilities. Nope, nor did it come because of my good looks and charm. It came because of persistence & the desire to keep going. that was the key. I wasn’t very good right off the bat. It took me about 3 weeks of consistant and constant focus, & going out everyday and knocking doors sharpening my approaches and getting used to talking with people.

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